From Black To Light Beams

A recent project that I worked on was to lighten the feel of a cottage that had low ceilings and very big obtrusive black beams that made the room feel small and dark.IMG_3042

The kitchen also had a large black beam running across the ceilingIMG_3044

The options are that you can either have the beams stripped but this can be a lengthy, messy and costly process. The problem with stripping the beams in this property was that the beams were created using several different timbers and therefore to strip them would have ended up revealing these different coloured wood finishes. So it was decided that we would paint the beams to banish the black and lighten the rooms.IMG_3479

We used several coats of a basic Farrow and Ball white and light undercoat to cover the black followed by two coats of Farrow and Ball ‘Skimming Stone’ eggshell, a beautiful putty colour with a very soft sheen finish.IMG_3478IMG_3477

It was also decided to lose the curtains in favour of recessed roller blinds that look much better in a small space and also helps to make the room look bigger!

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